Best Pegs Stainless Steel Pegs

Sick of your plastic and wooden pegs breaking apart? Make the switch to Best Pegs and never look back!

marine grade stainless steel pegs
marine grade stainless steel pegs
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marine grade stainless steel pegs
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marine grade stainless steel pegs
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Available in a variety of pack sizes to suit your needs

Why Best Pegs?

Because plastic pegs suck! Stop replacing plastic pegs that break apart and switch to stainless steel Best Pegs! With pack sizes to suit your needs, superb support and a secure checkout you’re in good hands.

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Real talk from our real customers

Thank you Best Pegs for my stainless steel pegs! These cute things are so easy to use, will last a lifetime, way better than plastic, no marks on clothes! Best idea for a pressie for the eco-conscious

wandering tins
MTK review

Totally crushing on our new Best Pegs! I despise plastic pegs, they break, they drop your towels, they make a mess and after living here on our property for 15 years we’re still digging up old broken plastic peg bits from the previous dwellers. Now I have these amazing steel pegs in my life, laundry time is looking good!


We support AUSMAP!

Your purchase helps to support microplastic research in Australia.
Best Pegs is a proud donor to AUSMAP, a citizen-science initiative for surveying shorelines to collect data on microplastics in Australian aquatic environments.

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