Best Pegs – The Best Clothes Pegs!

As a mother of three kids, I do laundry every day, usually multiple loads, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert on clothes pegs! Here in (mostly) sunny Australia, we have optimum conditions for line drying clothes but not all clothes pegs can handle Australian conditions, that’s where Best Pegs come in!

Plastic clothes pegs are prone to breaking and it’s unfortunately a common sight to see tiny broken plastic peg fragments beneath a clothesline. These either stay embedded in the soil, or get hosed out into stormwater drains where they make their way into our waterways, you’d be shocked at how many pegs wash up on beaches, see #pegsgonewild for many examples!

Wooden clothes pegs are another option but often the wood slides off the spring, the spring rusts and they go mouldy and stain clothes. Plus, where does this wood come from? Is it sustainably sourced? Probably not.

The best clothes pegs are stainless steel pegs. Marine grade stainless steel Best Pegs are made with 316 stainless steel so they won’t rust, even if you leave them out (though we recommend washing them now and then). They won’t break or snap and they’re strong enough to hold bulkier items. They’re perfect for Australian conditions, which is why hundreds of Australians have made the switch to Best Pegs!

The key difference with Best Pegs is size. Many other stainless steel pegs are smaller and thinner, eg 5.8cm long and 1.7mm thick. Best Pegs clothes pegs are large size, just like regular laundry pegs. They are 7.6cm and 2mm thick so they’re stronger yet comfortable to use.

“But won’t they heat up in the sun?” This is a very common question and the answer is “NO!” Even on the hottest 40 degree summer days they don’t heat up. Check out our FAQ page for other common questions about our clothes pegs.

Best Pegs are available in a variety of pack sizes to suit your needs. Head on over to our online store to grab a bag of the best clothes pegs, you’ll never look back!

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