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best pegs stainless pegs on the clothesline

Best Pegs Stainless Pegs Are Here!

Stainless Pegs that will be with you for the long haul

I am happy and excited about the launch of Best Pegs on World Environment Day in June, 2019. 

I want to increase the use of stainless pegs in Australia. It makes me cringe to think of all the plastic waste that occurs from using poor quality plastic pegs.

It happened to me time after time, my cheap plastic pegs shattering in my hands as I hung out the washing. Wooden pegs are hardly better, the spring would often just slide off the wood and I’d be left with two sad bits of wood to dispose of.

When I discovered stainless steel pegs I was amped! But it seems not all stainless steels are equal. Best Pegs use marine grade 316 stainless steel. This is the best quality available and is the most durable on the market, it is rust and corrosion proof, even in seaside environments. This quality costs more, yes, but you will never have to replace them! In the long run you will save money and stop plastic waste.

Many people assume stainless steel pegs would get really hot out there on the clothesline in the sun, I wondered the same. However, after a baking hot summer in Brisbane 2019, with temperatures regularly around the 35 degree celsius mark and higher, they were not hot to touch at all.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the store for information on our pack sizes and bulk discounts!

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