matching pegs

Pedantic pegging – it’s a thing!

Are you a pedantic pegger? Like, when you do the laundry do the pegs have to match in colour for each item? Do you take it a step further and have to match the peg colour to the clothing?! You’re not alone, I’m discovering that this is a thing! If […]

stainless steel pegs

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Stainless Steel Pegs

This ultimate guide to buying stainless steel pegs is useful if you’re interested in making the switch to stainless steel pegs but want to know more about which peg is best for your needs. When researching which stainless steel pegs to buy there are three main things to consider: Firstly, […]

best pegs comparison

How Are Best Pegs Different?

A quick online search for stainless steel pegs delivers a plethora of choices and it’s easy to become bamboozled! Here are some key features of Best Pegs stainless steel pegs: They are larger. Best Pegs are large sized. They are 76mm long, similar to standard clothes pegs. Other stainless steel […]

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