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Eco-friendly socks from TORE

Think about how many socks are out there…. it has to be billions, not even counting the socks that have been thrown away over the years. If you’re looking for a sock that leaves a gentler environmental footprint, you can’t go past TORE, the world’s first 100% recycled socks! 1) […]


AUSMAP – mapping the microplastic problem in Australia

This week is Microplastics Week, created by AUSMAP to raise awareness about microplastic pollution and how YOU can be involved in tackling this problem! Best Pegs has been a proud supporter of AUSMAP for over a year and makes monthly donations to support their work. Plastic clothes pegs often wash […]

plastic free july swap ideas

Top ten swaps to be plastic free this July

Plastic is everywhere in our society and a lot of it just isn’t that necessary. Here are my top ten swaps to cut down on plastic in your life! Of course, it is best to use what you currently have before buying new reusables so take a look around your […]

sustainable fashion very good bra on clothesline

Lingerie not landfill – compostable bras from The Very Good Bra

There is such a thing as compostable bras, thanks to the vision and determination of Stephanie Devine, founder of sustainable fashion brand The Very Good Bra, who is helping to address the massive problem of textile waste with her collection of sustainable underwear and lounge wear.