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Hang Dry Week 2022 – fight climate change with your undies!

Picture an Aussie backyard and I’m sure a Hills Hoist springs to mind, slowly turning in the breeze with clothes and sheets flapping around, drying in the sunshine. Here we’re blessed with a climate conducive to line drying and with expensive electricity costs it just makes financial sense for us […]

Kelly Lavery strucket inventor and ceo

Strucket now available at Best Pegs!

Exciting news… Best Pegs now stocks the innovative Strucket mini! I am in love with this Australian made invention and was so excited to interview its creator, Kelly Lavery. The Strucket is such a handy item to have around the home, especially in the laundry for soaking and handwashing, you’ll […]

Eco-friendly socks from TORE

Think about how many socks are out there…. it has to be billions, not even counting the socks that have been thrown away over the years. If you’re looking for a sock that leaves a gentler environmental footprint, you can’t go past TORE, the world’s first 100% recycled socks! 1) […]

wool dryer balls in basket

Dryer Balls now available at Best Pegs

Sure, Best Pegs has loads of marine grade stainless steel pegs on offer, but did you know that we also stock wool dryer balls? Yes, it’s true! If you’re like me you were raised to believe that the clothes dryer was an appliance only to be used in the most […]