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Make Laundry, Not Landfill – Our Interview With Elana of Cloth Nappy Workshops Melbourne

Did you know that in Australia, 95 per cent of parents use disposable nappies, accounting for around 5.6 million disposable nappies per day, or a staggering two billion per year! Using cloth nappies is a great alternative to disposables that can take up to 500 years to break down, even in landfill*. We chatted with Elana of Cloth Nappy Workshops Melbourne to learn more about cloth nappies and how you can make the switch, even part time, to make a positive impact on the environment.

Why should we be using cloth nappies?

There are many benefits to cloth nappies and you don’t need to use them full time to have a positive impact. Just one a day will save nearly 1,000 disposables going into landfill or 6,000 if you choose to use them full time. Or just choosing cloth wipes will save at least 12,000 wipes entering landfill – per child! Disposable nappies can cost around $3,000 by the time your child toilet trains (approx 3yo), so cloth will save you lots of money also. 

Top myths about cloth nappies?

I’d say the biggest myth is that you need to soak them, or that its normal for them to have stains or smells. Or that washing them is really time consuming. Nope! With a simple but effective wash routine, you won’t have any of this!

How did you find the washing side of cloth nappies?

Oddly satisfying! You feel great knowing you are doing your bit for the environment, and seeing your sparkling clean nappies drying on the line is very satisfying!

What will people learn in your workshops?   

They will learn all about the different nappy styles (eg pocket, all-in-two, fitted etc), can compare them in person and decide which style is right for their needs, budget and baby. We cover how to wash them, where to buy them, and practical tips to make cloth nappies super easy. I have over 60 reusable nappies and accessories (lots of different brands) at each workshop. I don’t sell them so there’s no pressure to buy, just unbiased info to help people get confident with cloth.

How do people find out more about your workshops?

The event page of our Facebook group is the best place to go for details of the next cloth nappy event:

Facebook: Cloth Nappy Workshops Melbourne

Otherwise, they can email us at


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