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Plastic Free July: Zero Waste Cleaning Supplies At Consciously Clean Currumbin.

Did you know that on average, Australians use up to 130 kilograms of plastic each year and only 12 per cent of that is recycled?*

Plastic Free July is a month for awareness about the amount of plastic use (and abuse!) in our everyday lives and for thinking about how we can reduce our plastic use. Consciously Clean Currumbin is a store that offers customers a more sustainable option, with a variety of refillable cleaning supplies for the home. Founder Kelli is passionate about sourcing the best natural and eco friendly products from local businesses wherever possible as she explains in the following interview.

Where is it? 

We are positioned in the heart of the southern Gold Coast, in the bustling Currumbin Waters shopping and café precinct on Currumbin Creek Road. Shop 4, 42 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Waters.

Describe Consciously Clean Currumbin in a sentence.

A community based retail store that helps provide zero waste, eco options when shopping for all your household cleaning and personal, family & pet care products.

How did the store come about?

After years of growing concern about how we are treating the planet and making changes within our family, I felt there must have been so many people out there who were trying to make a difference but our retail environment was not set up to make it easy. Cleaning our homes, families and pets is something that everybody does and the waste that produces is mind boggling and quite distressing to think about. So rather than become overwhelmed with the challenge and feeling helpless, I felt I could contribute by creating a place people could find all they needed for these daily tasks in one zero waste environment, that moved beyond being a niche market to being a sustainable, mainstream shopping alternative for our community.

Please give an overview of the products you stock

We stock all your domestic cleaning products for the laundry, kitchen, bathroom and around the home in a bulk refill form. No more plastic bottles of harsh, toxic chemicals off the supermarket shelf, simply effective, natural products in containers we use over and over again. We also stock bath, shower, hair, baby and pet care products also in refill form. Along with these great refillable options, we stock all your hair &  personal care products in bar form, dental care, baby & kids, cloths and brushes, food storage and list goes on. This obviously includes beautiful stainless steel pegs, just one of the plastic free alternatives to everyday items.

What common supermarket items could you swap with zero waste/more eco friendly alternatives at your store?

Everything! We provide zero waste options for all you day to day cleaning products. Whether it is your dishwasher product, cleaning stubborn mould from the shower or replacing your shampoo & conditioner. Nappies and menstrual products are a huge waste creator, however are necessary products in our lives and we stock reusable options that will not only reduce waste going into the environment, but will also save you money.

What are the most popular products?

From our cleaning range, mould removers and spray and wipe are popular items, the laundry and dishes never stop coming though so we see a lot of laundry liquid & powders and dishwashing products go out the door. From our personal care range hand wash and sanitiser have been the products on everyone’s shopping list, however the deodorants, shampoos and conditioners are really popular also. For people looking to overhaul their whole lives, the safety razors and beautiful reusable nappies are really popular also.

What type of containers can customers bring?

We supply glass bottles that can be brought back for refill, however I love to see people reusing containers they already have at home. Refill, reuse and recycle, if a plastic bottle is perfectly functional, if its being reused its not heading to landfill. Just wash out your bottles and bring them in.

What do you love about your job?

I love all the people who come in are invested in making long term changes, who show genuine excitement about the store, the products and their desire to make a difference. I get to chat to such a diverse range of people. I also love discovering all the amazing products ( I could go broke, because I want to get everything), there are some very clever, passionate people out there putting their heart and soul into what they do, creating beautiful products that are designed with a focus on the wellbeing of our planet.

How can customers learn more about Consciously Clean?

The best way is to come in, browse and have a chat, but for a peek from a distance Instagram: @consciouslyclean.currumbin & Facebook: Consciously Clean – Currumbin. Our website has lots of information about our product range and people will soon be able to by most of the non-bulk items online through our website.

*Source: Canberra Times July 18, 2020

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