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best pegs wool dryer balls

Dryer Balls now available at Best Pegs

Sure, Best Pegs has loads of marine grade stainless steel pegs on offer, but did you know that we also stock wool dryer balls? Yes, it’s true!

If you’re like me you were raised to believe that the clothes dryer was an appliance only to be used in the most desperate of circumstances, such as during weeks of torrential rain. We were told that clothes dryers gobbled electricity, resulting in huge power bills that would financially cripple the family for generations.

But sometimes, you just need to use the clothes dryer, and when you do, our dryer balls will come in mighty handy.

What is the purpose of wool dryer balls?

They cut down dryer time by creating space in the dryer to create more surface area for drying, this means you’ll use less electricity, hopefully appeasing your disapproving anti-dryer parents.

They cut static electricity

They act as a natural fabric softener, eliminating the need to buy plastic bottles of fabric softener

They reduce wrinkles in clothes

When not in use, they can be used for juggling!

How many should you use?

Best Pegs wool dryer balls come in bags of six. We recommend 2-3 balls for small loads and

5-6 balls for large loads. This allows them to adequately move around the dryer to soften and separate items.

How do you use them?

It’s so simple! Pop three in the dryer for small loads or six for large loads. After the dryer cycle, leave them in the dryer ready for the next load.

Are plastic or wool dryer balls better?

Plastic dryer balls are harder and noisy in the dryer. Wool balls are softer and don’t make loud noises in the dryer. Plus, they’re completely natural because they’re made from tightly compacted New Zealand wool. This means they can be composted when no longer in use, after about 1000 loads.

wool dryer balls in bag
Best Pegs wool dryer balls

Where can I buy them?

Best Pegs stocks quality wool dryer balls in bags of six, check them out here


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