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Eco-friendly socks from TORE

TORE socks are totally recycled and pair perfectly with Best Pegs stainless steel pegs

Think about how many socks are out there…. it has to be billions, not even counting the socks that have been thrown away over the years. If you’re looking for a sock that leaves a gentler environmental footprint, you can’t go past TORE, the world’s first 100% recycled socks!

1) Explain TORE in a sentence

Socks that don’t cost the earth.

2) How are the socks eco friendly?

Our sock is 100% totally recycled (including our packaging), meaning we don’t use any new materials when creating our socks. Fashion is a thirsty business; fashion is the third largest user of water globally after paper and oil. By using recycled materials, one pack of TORE socks can save 1050 litres of water (the equivalent to 2 years of fresh drinking water). Additionally, by using plastic bottles and fabric by products one pack of socks is also diverting 23.7 grams of plastic (2.4 water bottles) and 90 grams of textile waste (0.6 t shirts) from landfill. 

Even the packaging of TORE socks is recycled!

3) Where do you source the recycled fabrics from?

Our socks are made up of 4 key elements:

Recycled cotton (pre-consumer waste such as yarn and fabric by-products) 

Recycled Polyamide (post-consumer waste- plastic water bottles)

Recycled Polyester (post-consumer waste- plastic water bottles

Recycled Elastane (pre-consumer waste- scraps)

4) What other eco friendly habits do you have at TORE?

We source all our additional resources second hand, recycled or compostable. For example our shipping packaging and labels are compostable. Any paper used by the brand is 100% recycled and recyclable. Printing and signage for our socks are recycled and use plant based dyes. We are in no way perfect, but throughout every step of our processes we try to first use something that we already have or find the most eco friendly solution to do it.

5) Tell us about the sock range, types, designs etc.

Our range is simple but stylish. Many of our colours are neutrals or earth tones as we use plant based dyes. We have a wide range of designs from your simple everyday sock to fashion crews and sports socks. We have different types including: PED socks (no shows), ankle, crew, sports and we have WRK cushion foot work socks coming soon. We are also transitioning to gender neutral packaging because we believe that not only should people be able to wear whatever they want, but that size was the only variant dividing mens and womens socks. 

6) What’s the recommended way to wash your TORE socks?

We encourage TORE users to wash dark colours together, and recommend cold wash. A wash bag is a great idea to stop socks getting lost. Hanging socks up or out to dry is best (a Best Pegs sock hanger does the job nicely!). If for some reason a dryer is needed, use it at a low temperature.

Best Pegs sock hangers are perfect for keeping your socks together!

7) What’s coming up at TORE?

As a new and upcoming brand we have many exciting things on the horizon. Our website just launched! We have a few collaborations coming up, one is with another sock brand and and others with brand ambassadors. We are also excited for the launch of our socks into a few major retailers which is coming soon. Check out our socials for all the updates!

8) Are socks and sandals ever ok?

YES, Absolutely! We know we might be biased because we believe our socks can go with everything. Socks with sandals have been trending at the moment and we love it- especially if they’re TORE socks and even more if they are recycled or second hand sandals.

9) Where can we find out more about TORE?

Our Instagram @wearetoreaus has a lot of our core information, but for more details and FAQs you can head to our website: Also, we always welcome questions, queries and feedback so feel free to email us at or shoot us a DM. 


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