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How Are Best Pegs Different?

A quick online search for stainless steel pegs delivers a plethora of choices and it’s easy to become bamboozled! Here are some key features of Best Pegs stainless steel pegs:

They are larger. Best Pegs are large sized. They are 76mm long, similar to standard clothes pegs. Other stainless steel pegs are 58mm or 65mm long and they are not as comfortable to pinch open and close. The clip area of Best Pegs is also larger so they can hold more.

They are thicker. Best Pegs are made from 2mm thick wire so they are stronger than other stainless steel pegs, which can be 1.5mm – 1.7mm thick. Their thickness makes them ideal for windy days and it also prevents them heating up on hot days.

They use marine grade stainless steel. Best Pegs are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel, giving them superior rust and corrosion resistance. Other stainless steel pegs use 201 standard and 304 medium grade stainless steel. These will deteriorate over time, especially in coastal environments, where most of Australia’s population lives,

If you want pegs that you will never have to replace; can hold bigger items and won’t let your clothes blow away on windy days you need Best Pegs! Click here to visit the online store now and choose a pack size that best suits your needs.

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