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photo of sock maker Andrew from Lindner Socks in front of vintage sock making machines

Lindner Quality Socks, Proudly Australian made

Lindner Quality Socks is located in the friendly town of Crookwell in rural NSW and is well known for their high quality merino socks. In a time of fast fashion, it is heartening to see a family business so committed to making a quality product that will last, right here in Australia.

Explain Lindner Socks in a sentence
Lindner Quality Socks are knitted for every season and reason by 10th generation sock maker, Andrew Lindner, on vintage machinery at our factory in Crookwell, NSW.

What is the history/backstory behind Lindner socks?
The Lindner Quality Socks story began in Thalheim, near Chemnitz, Germany back in 1730, when the Lindner family first began working in the hosiery industry. In 1988, Lindner Quality Socks was started in Goulburn, NSW by Wilfred and Gisela Lindner, after they moved to Australia with their two young sons, Andreas (Andrew) and Matthias. In 1997, the family moved to a new home in Crookwell, NSW, bringing their machines to a new factory and shopfront on the main street of the town. In 2008, Wilfred retired, handing the reins over to Gisela and Andrew. They continue to run the business to this day, along with Andrew’s wife Lucy. For more information about the Lindner Quality Socks story, please click here.

What types of socks do you sell?
We knit a range of socks, using mostly fine merino wool, from fine knit dress socks, to medium thickness ribbed socks, to thick, full-cushioned socks. Our socks are knitted in a variety of styles from ankle socks, to crew length, through to knee-high socks. We’re often asked why we have so many sock styles. While it’s true that it’s perfectly fine to wear the same pair of socks with different shoes and in different environments, when you wear a traditionally crafted pair of socks knitted for particular conditions or shoe styles, you realise just how much more comfortable, warm and dry your feet can be even in the toughest environment.

How are they made?
All of our socks are knitted on vintage Bentley Komet and Esta sock machines, brought to Australia by Wilfred and Gisela Lindner. A great benefit of our old-fashioned machines is that they knit socks one after another in one continuous “sausage” of socks. The constant tension that is maintained on the socks inside the machine means that we don’t have to begin each sock with a tight band of elastic at the top to start off knitting. We also have the option of leaving the elastic out altogether, creating loose top socks. The machines also knit a heel at an approximate 100 degree angle, ensuring they keep well-fitted to your foot.

Once the “sausage” of socks is knitted, each sock is hand-separated, before each toe seam is individually overlocked. Our expert overlockers take a great deal of care to ensure that each seam is formed with minimal bulk, especially in the corners, and is positioned in the right place at the top of the toes. Any seams that don’t cut the mustard don’t make it to our shelves. For more information about how our socks are made, please click here.

How do you recommend people wash their socks?
We recommend that our socks are washed on a cold, quick machine wash using a mild laundry detergent. They should then be line dried in the shade (preferably using Best Pegs or a Best Pegs sock hanger!).

Do you sell anything else besides socks?
Yes! We sell a range of fine merino wool apparel and accessories, which are knitted exclusively for us in South Australia. We also sell hand-crafted foot products, as well as laundry products and accessories to care for your Lindner Quality Socks, including Aussie-made Best Pegs!

Is there anything new and exciting coming up at Lindner Socks?
Yes! We recently launched the latest style in our sustainable range, our thick, full-cushioned ‘Wombat’ socks. Made with merino wool and hemp for added strength, they contain no synthetics, which means they can be composted when they are no longer repairable – making them comfy on your feet, and kind to the environment. Our sustainable ‘Renew’ range also includes our merino/hemp blend ‘Echidna’ medium thickness ribbed socks.

How can people find out more/follow you?
To learn more about our story and our products, please visit: You can also follow us on Instagram (@lindnersocks), Facebook (@lindnerqualitysocks), YouTube and TikTok (@lindnersocks)


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