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gav from hang easy washing basket holder

meet gav from hang easy

Have you heard of Hang Easy? It’s a super practical laundry basket holder that eliminates the need for a laundry basket trolley. I interviewed Gav from Hang Easy to learn more about this Aussie innovation. Be sure to check them out at and on TikTok and Instagram too! He’s even shared a discount code just for best pegs blog readers! Use code BestPegs15 for 15% off at Hang Easy!

1) Explain Hang Easy in a sentence

Hang Easy keeps the washing basket at waist height making hangin’ the washing a breeze!

2) How did Hang Easy come about?

Long story short, it was a joint effort in the early 90’s by my uncle, father and pop. They sold a few in Kmart or Target back in the day, but it never got a second stint. I believe the market wasn’t ready for something like Hang Easy, which doesn’t work as well in a catalogue/shelf setting as it does in a video, people need to see it in action otherwise they just look like boring old hangers that do ‘something’. Luckily today, our biggest marketing tool is the short form video, perfect to showcase how easily Hang Easy works in a relatable setting such as the typical backyard on the standard lines that people use.

My uncle invented it, Dad and Pop turned it from wood to wire and started the business side. My mum was also the model, I remember the photo shoots well in my backyard as a kid, I have fond memories of this product and the excitement generated from it because we all knew how well it worked! Too bad it didn’t take off back then. This brings us to now, when I got back home from 4 years of travelling, I started another  job, I was delivering groceries for Coles, driving those little red trucks around Melbourne, it was void of passion. So when covid hit, because I was in a customer-facing role and I was casual, my job was gone, and I couldn’t have been happier for it!

My wife was pregnant and I wasn’t working, but I was an open slate for life, I feel that there is always a reason for things. We visited my Nan and I found a set of Hang Easy in her garage and excitedly took them home to help out my pregnant wife who doesn’t let me do the washing (even though she’s shrunk more things than I have). A month or so passed and the realization hit, we are the only people in Australia that have these on our line, people everywhere still using bins, chairs, tables, trolleys or worse bending to the ground. My wife is Russian, so she wasn’t as excited about the prospect, but she believed in me, and so I set out to get them manufactured again.

3) Who is Hang Easy for?

Everyone with a framed clothesline like the typical Hills Hoist or rectangular lines that are very popular these days, Hang Easy is universal in size so if you can reach your clothesline, Hang Easy will suspend your basket at waist height. It’s for people that want a better way to hang out their washing rather than bending for it or using a chair or bin. Although the trolley can be great for people that can’t lift their basket, there are a few downsides to the fragile trolley that most of us have encountered (I for one are too tall for them).

They are also great for pregnant people, disabled people, people with general injuries, lazy people, smart people, people with pets, people with kids and just everyday people that still do their washing outside!

4) How do you use Hang Easy?

There are two ways to use Hang Easy, the first is to have them sitting on the line and then gently place your basket handles over the hangers one by one. The other is to just put your basket on a surface then connect the Hang Easy to each handle then lift up to the line using the wings so your hand can’t slip. Always make sure to hang your Hang Easy off the metal bars of your clothesline, not the wires! Also, they can hold up to 60kgs, with the average wash being 8kgs, you’ll have no problem with doing a double load.

5) What achievements are you most proud of with Hang Easy?

From the business standpoint, we are getting into the hands of people that need it, we are growing exponentially and I’ve struggled to keep up (sold out for 5 months this year). Our reviews are glowing, I think that speaks volumes of not only the accessibility and utility of Hang Easy but also, its quality and durability.

From a personal standpoint, I love the fact I get to bring Hang Easy back to the world, without any boss breathing down my neck I can do it in my own unique and fun way, which is full of love for the product. I have created a job for myself that allows me to be a full-time stay-at-home dad for my daughter and still be able to send these Angels to thousands across Australia.

6) Where can you buy Hang Easy?

Only at

7) Got a discount code to share?

Use code BestPegs15 at checkout for 15% off


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