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free shipping on orders over $49.95!

Now stocking rainbow stainless steel pegs!

Best Pegs now offers beautiful rainbow stainless steel pegs!

These make a lovely gift for someone (or yourself!) and make laundry a tad more fab! Available in bags of 50, including 20 large size (76mm, the same size as plastic pegs) and 30 regular size (59mm). This mix of sizes have you covered for bulkier items such as towels, for which you would use the large size; and everyday items such as t-shirts, which are easily hung by the regular size pegs.

Most importantly, these pegs are made with marine grade 316 stainless steel which offers superior corrosion resistance than 304 and 201 grades. To ensure quality, Best Pegs pays for independent testing of our pegs to ensure that they are indeed made of genuine marine grade stainless steel.

316 stainless steel pegs
316 grade offers the best corrosion resistance

Rainbow pegs can also be used in the kitchen, office, or around the home. They are especially useful for clipping packets closed in the pantry or fridge! Best Pegs rainbow stainless steel pegs are available now, check them out here.


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