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At Best Pegs, we went on a quest to find the very best pegs. In fact, you could say we became somewhat obsessed. We wanted pegs that were durable and strong, but wouldn’t harm the environment. After searching high, and low, we found them…. the best ones.

Introducing Best Pegs. And they really are the best because they are:

  • Rust proofweather prooflife proof and virtually indestructible. Big claim, huh? But our pegs are made from one piece of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel wire, 58mm long and 1.7mm thick. We know they are definitely Grade 316, aka, the best quality, premium, steel, because we independently test our pegs in a lab. Yep, we’re sticklers for details.


  • Best Pegs are made to last. No more cheapo plastic pegs, mysteriously disappearing, one after the other. The sound of plastic crunching underfoot as you break another. The dog chewing through a whole bunch of wooden pegs. No, we believe you should buy them once and be set for your washing life.


  • They’re easy to use and comfortable to pinch open and close.


  • Buying a pack of Best Pegs gives you a happy glowy feeling, knowing you’re not adding to microplastic in the ocean. Not only that, as a partner to AUSMAP, a citizen-science project mapping microplastics in Australian waterways, you know all the turtles, dolphins and whales in the ocean are mentally high-fiving you.


  • They come packed in a nifty reusable canvas bag and delivered in a home-compostable mailing satchel or recyclable cardboard box.