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Here at Best Pegs, we ponder the BIG mysteries of life. Like where do stray socks disappear to? We’re still working that one out, but in the meantime, we have an environmentally friendly solution… Introducing our Stainless Steel Sock Hanger:


  • Made of 100% 316 stainless steel, it’s strong and sturdy and won’t blow off the line. We made it with the tough stuff, so you can be confident it’s not going to break while drying all the goods.


  • The holder is complete with 24 stainless steel pegs (58mm long and 1.7mm wide, not too small, not too large, just right). Which means you can easily clip-on 24 items. Whether it be itty bitty baby clothes, socks, undies, cloth nappy insert etc to make the most of your space. The holder is also perfect for camping trips and taking on the road.


  • If the Bureau of Metrology gets the forecast catastrophically wrong, easily and quickly remove the holder from the line. You can pop the holder up anywhere inside to keep drying.


  • Shipped FREE Australia-wide in a recyclable cardboard box and comes in a cotton bag for storage in between uses.


  • But best of all, it’s without the plastic junk. Purchase Best Pegs Sock Holder, and you can feel good, knowing there’s no stray plastic pegs in the ocean thanks to you. Heartily approved by your local dolphin, stingray and fish population.


  • Not only are they better for the environment, we support AUSMAP, surveying our oceans for microplastic, to make analyse and track the microplastic problem.


Caring for your Sock Holder:

A bit of TLC goes a long way. Even though the entire thing is made from quality 316 stainless steel, it still needs to be maintained to remove any dirt and salty air deposits, especially if you leave it out on the clothesline. A little wash every three months with soapy water maintains the stainless steel, especially if you live coastal, six months if you’re inland.