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50 Pack Silver Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs (30 Regular + 20 Large)
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50 Pack Silver Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs (30 Regular + 20 Large)


This mixed bag of 50 stainless steel clothes pegs includes 30 regular and 20 large sized pegs.

Best Pegs are the perfect clothes pegs for Australia’s harsh climate. They are made from one piece of marine grade 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and they don’t heat up in the sun either!

The regular sized pegs are 58mm long and 1.7mm thick and the large sized pegs are 76mm long and 2mm thick, the dream team of peg sizes.

This 50 pack of Best Pegs is packed in a reusable canvas bag and mailed in either home compostable satchel or recyclable cardboard box.

Why Best Pegs?

  • This mixed bag includes 30 regular size and 20 large sized clothes pegs
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel wire
  • Free Australian shipping on orders over $45
  • Packed in a reusable canvas bag and delivered free in a recyclable cardboard box
  • Your purchase helps to support AUSMAP, a citizen-science project mapping microplastics in Australian waterways

Make the switch to marine grade stainless steel clothes pegs from Best Pegs and never deal with pesky broken pegs again!

I love your pegs and have recommended you to many of my friends. I will never go back to plastic pegs again! – Heather, Mirador, NSW

*If you do leave your 316 grade pegs out on the clothesline in between washes, it is recommended to wash them every 3-6 months (depending how far you live from the coastline), just pop them in a bucket with dishwashing detergent and water, give them a quick sponge and you’re done!

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Best Pegs stainless steel pegs are the only pegs independently tested for quality to ensure they’re genuine marine grade stainless steel. Below are some frequently asked questions about stainless steel pegs.

Are stainless steel pegs good?

We say yes! Plastic pegs often break apart, leading to microplastic pollution in our soil and waterways. Wooden pegs often break too, or they go mouldy and the spring gets rusty over time. Marine grade 316 stainless steel pegs offer durability and added corrosion resistance. They hold on in windy conditions yet they don’t leave marks on clothes.

Do stainless steel pegs rust?

The grade of the stainless steel is important. 201 and 304 grades of stainless steel does not offer the same corrosion resistance as 316 marine grade stainless steel so it’s worth paying a little more for marine grade stainless steel pegs. Marine grade stainless steel pegs can be left outside on the clothesline. Remember that no matter the grade, all stainless steel needs to be maintained so we recommend washing your pegs every few months to remove any dirt or salty air deposits.

Do stainless steel pegs get hot?

This is a common concern but rest assured that Best Pegs stainless steel pegs do not get hot, even if left outside on the hottest Australian summer day they are not hot to touch.

How many stainless steel pegs do I need?

This depends on the number of people in your household and your preferences when hanging out laundry, as some people share pegs between items. Best Pegs are available in pack sizes of 20, 40, 50 (mixed size), 60, 80 and 100 so we have you covered!

Materials proven to last

Best Pegs are made from quality marine grade stainless steel, giving them superior corrosion resistance than 201 and 304 grades.

do stainless steel pegs rust
quality pegs stainless steel in hand

Two Sizes Available

Best Pegs mixed bags include 30 regular and 20 large sized pegs. The large pegs are 76mm long and 2mm thick and the regular pegs are 58mm long and 1.7mm thick.

Say no to plastic waste 

Plastic pegs that break apart are not only annoying, they contribute to a huge amount of plastic waste in our soil and waterways and they are not recyclable.

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16 reviews for 50 Pack Silver Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs (30 Regular + 20 Large)

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    Much better than plastic pegs that are always breaking. Will definitely pay off in the long run.

    • Meredith

      Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Tracey (verified owner)

    I deliberated for a while before I bought these them but I love these pegs!! It brings me joy to know they will last and I am contributing to reducing plastic in our world. The two sizes of regular and large are working well for me too. Thanks for designing and distributing earth friendly products like these.

  3. Julie Webster (verified owner)

    Love my new pegs! No more bits of broken plastic and wood peg on the ground under my clothes line.

  4. Dr Ken (verified owner)

    I love good design and these pegs are elegant ! I was sick of disintegrating plastic rubbish pegs and went looking and found these single piece steel pegs as the answer. Very neat !

  5. Catherine (verified owner)

    I bought these for my daughter who lives in far western Queensland where the very harsh climate makes plastic pegs deteriorate quickly. She is very glad of these pegs and knows they are a very good buy.
    Now I need to buy some for myself with the 15% discount 👌🏼

  6. Bev O’Halloran (verified owner)

    So pleased with these pegs I bought a second pack of 50 for my daughter. Comfortable to use and I like being able to leave them on the line.

  7. Pamela

    There pegs are great, and will last a very long time. I have given a few to my 2 daughter in laws to try and will buy more if they like them. I have used metal pegs covered in plastic before which we’re great and long lasting but after 20 years the plastic wore out.

  8. Tim Hickson (verified owner)

    Fantastic pegs and prompt service.
    Highly recommended them!

  9. Wendy (verified owner)

    Love these pegs, they are such good quality, I believe that they will last my lifetime

  10. Angie (verified owner)

    Wow! Wow! Wow! No more plastic crap ones that snap & no more wooden ones where they would make marks on the clothes. These stainless steel marine grade pegs are by far the best I have had & I also received the rainbow colors, absolute brilliant. These will definitely last a lifetime.
    Thank you so much

  11. Julie Hodgson (verified owner)

    Great quality pegs that I happily replaced my plastic pegs with. Quick service with prompt delivery to the door, I would highly recommend

  12. Simone Millers

    Amazing quality and 10/10 customer service.

  13. Tanya Glenny (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality, highly recommend.

  14. Marion Foster (verified owner)

    These pegs are very strong, and very durable. I will not be buying plastic pegs ever again! Thank you for such a well made, eco friendly product.

  15. Katrina (verified owner)

    These pegs are great quality and work a treat! Even better knowing that I am not using plastic and won’t have any waste. Thank you!

  16. JoJo (verified owner)

    Best pegs look great, are gentle on clothes and don’t chip and fall apart like plastic ones. Simple design with neat packaging—SOLD!

    • Meredith

      thanks so much for your review!

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