Big As Peg in bagBig As Peg in bag
6 Pack Big As Pegs (201 grade)
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6 Pack Big As Pegs (201 grade)


Introducing our newest product: Big As Pegs!

Got something bulky that needs to be clipped? Sounds like a job for our Big As Pegs!

You will find so many uses for these jumbo sized clips, here’s some suggestions:

  • Clipping a clothes hanger to the clothesline – Do you dry shirts on hangers? Use a Big As Peg to securely clip the hanger to the clothesline and prevent it from sliding around or blowing off the line in windy weather. No more hangers on the ground after a windy day, simply clip one of these over the hanger to hold it securely in place! This stops the hanger moving around and bunching up with other items on the line.
  • Clipping heavy beach towels to the pool fence. No more beach towels slipping to the wet ground, easily clip to the fence with one of our Big As Pegs!
  • Going camping? Pack some Big As Pegs to secure tarps and clip other bulky items such as tarps etc
  • Wide opening – clip area opens to 60mm

Each bag contains six Big As Pegs. Delivered free Australia wide in either a recyclable box or compostable satchel.

Made with 201 grade stainless steel and must be brought inside when not in use.



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Best Pegsย is an Australian owned small business selling stainless steel pegs and other eco-friendly laundry products.

How do you keep clothes hangers on the washing line?

Simply clip the clothes hanger to one of the arms of your clothesline using our jumbo sized pegs. This will stop it from moving around and blowing off the clothesline.

How do you dry clothes on a hanger?

To reduce wrinkles on shirts and delicate items, simply hang the item on a clothes hanger to dry. To ensure the hanger stays securely in place, use one of our jumbo sized pegs to attach the hanger to the arm of the clothesline.


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201 grade stainless steel


Length 110mm, opens to 60mm

1 review for 6 Pack Big As Pegs (201 grade)

  1. RJ (verified owner)

    Big pegs perfect for clipping temporary shade cloth over my veggie beds on very hot days. Strong enough to withstand a bit of wind, easy to open which makes the job quick. Love all the sturdy Best Peg products and this is great addition to range.

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