washing bag cotton made in Australiawashing bag cotton made in Australia
Cotton Wash Bag
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Cotton Wash Bag


Our wash bags are perfect for protecting delicate garments like lingerie and underwear during the machine wash cycle.

Our 100% Cotton is a very strong fabric, the zips on our Wash Bags have a lock on them so they will not open in the wash.

Product Details

  • Material: Quality cotton
  • Dimensions/Size:
    • 50cm L x 36cm W
  • Made in Australia


  • Protects garments during cycle wash
  • Ideal for underwear, lingerie and other delicates
  • Keeps socks together in the wash cycle
  • Stops fluff getting on clothes


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Wash Bags – Cotton

Our cotton wash bags are made right here in Australia by a local business and are perfect for washing delicate items such as bras and underwear and for making sure socks stay as a team!

At 50cm x 36cm it is large enough to wash larger items such as a dress.

After washing, simply hang the wash bag out to dry with your freshly washed laundry, our stainless steel pegs are perfect for this! Check them out here.

Why use a wash bag?

  • Protect delicate items in the wash so they last longer
  • Keep socks together
  • Stops garments getting fluff on them if someone accidentally leaves a tissue in their pocket!

FAQ about Wash Bags

What is a wash bag?

A wash bag is used to wash delicate items such as lingerie and helps to prevent them being damaged in the washing machine. They are also useful for keeping socks together. Our wash bag includes a quality zip to prevent items from escaping during the washing cycle.

Can you wash clothes in a wash bag?

Yes, our wash bag is larger than most others. Measuring 50cm x 36cm it can fit larger items such as a dress or shirt.

Where are your wash bags made?

Our wash bag is made in Australia by a local Gold Coast family business.

Can you wash socks in a bag?

Yes, this way your socks can’t go walkabout during the washing cycle!







2 reviews for Cotton Wash Bag

  1. Kathleen Ryan (verified owner)

    Good size, cotton and made in Australia; very happy.

  2. Nikki (verified owner)

    They are a great big size, you can fit plenty in them and love that they’re made of cotton and not nylon.

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