marine grade stainless steel pegsmarine grade stainless steel pegs
80 Pack Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs
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80 Pack Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pegs


These marine grade stainless steel pegs can’t wait to hang with you!

Best Pegs are the perfect peg for Australia’s harsh climate. They are made from one piece of marine grade 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and they don’t heat up in the sun either!

All Best Pegs are large sized, 7.6cm, just like regular clothes pegs, and they are made from durable 2mm thick wire. Many other stainless steel pegs are smaller, at 5.8cm, and with 1.7mm thick wire so they are not as strong.

This 80 pack of Best Pegs is packed in two reusable canvas bags and mailed in a recyclable cardboard box with FREE SHIPPING Australia wide.

Why Best Pegs?

  • Large sized (7.6cm), just like regular pegs
  • 2mm thick wire for extra strength in windy conditions and for holding bulky items
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel wire
  • Free Australian shipping
  • Packed in a reusable canvas bag and delivered in a recyclable cardboard box
  • Your purchase helps to support AUSMAP, a citizen-science project mapping microplastics in Australian waterways

Make the switch to marine grade stainless steel pegs from Best Pegs and never deal with pesky broken pegs again!

I love your pegs and have recommended you to many of my friends. I will never go back to plastic pegs again! – Heather, Mirador, NSW

*If you do leave your 316 grade pegs out on the clothesline in between washes, it is recommended to wash them every 3-6 months (depending how far you live from the coastline), just pop them in a bucket with dishwashing detergent and water, give them a quick sponge and you’re done!

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Materials proven to last

Best Pegs are made from quality marine grade stainless steel, giving them superior corrosion resistance than 201 and 304 grades.

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Large Sized, Just Like Regular Pegs

Best Pegs are all 76mm long, just like regular pegs, making them comfortable to handle and able to hold more than smaller pegs. They are made from one piece of 2mm thick wire for added durability and strength on windy days.

Say no to plastic waste 

Plastic pegs that break apart are not only annoying, they contribute to a huge amount of plastic waste in our soil and waterways and they are not recyclable.

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