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20, 40, 60 Pack Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Silver – Regular Size (58mm)
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20, 40, 60 Pack Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Silver – Regular Size (58mm)


Here at Best Pegs, we went on a quest to find the very best pegs. In fact, you could say we became a little obsessed. We wanted pegs that were strong and durable, but wouldn’t harm the environment. After searching high, and low, we found them…. The best ones.

Introducing Best Pegs. And they really are the best because they are:

  • Rust proof, weather proof, life proof and virtually indestructible. Big claim, right? But our pegs are made from one piece of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel wire, 58mm long and 1.7mm thick. We know they definitely are Grade 316, aka, the best quality, premium, steel, because we independently test our pegs in a lab. Yep, we’re sticklers for details.


  • Best Pegs are made to last. No more cheap plastic pegs, mysteriously disappearing, one, after the other. The sound of plastic crunching underfoot as you break another. The dog chewing through a whole bunch of wooden pegs. Nope, we believe you should buy them once, and be set for your washing life.


  • They’re easy to use and comfortable to pinch open.


  • Buying a pack of Best Pegs gives you a happy glowy feeling, knowing you’re not adding to microplastic in the ocean. Not only that, as a partner to AUSMAP, a citizen-science project mapping microplastics in Australian waterways, you know all the clams, dolphins and whales in the ocean are mentally high-fiving you.


  • They come packed in a nifty reusable canvas bag and delivered in a home-compostable mailing satchel or recyclable cardboard box.


(20 customer reviews)

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Want more info on our pegs? A kindred spirit: someone who cares about pegs as much as we do! FAQs below:


Why are stainless steel pegs the best option?

We believe pegs belong on washing lines, not in oceans or landfill. Plastic pegs can’t be recycled and leave behind microplastic pollution, which ends in our oceans, waterways and soil. Wooden pegs also aren’t a great option. They’re not durable, prone to mould, and it can be hard to tell if they have been sourced sustainably.

Best Pegs, use the very best quality in stainless steel, Marine Grade 316, which means they won’t break or rust. They’re durable, and won’t corrode.

Enter Best Pegs… designed to last, and last, and last, in Australian conditions, without harming the environment.

Your pegs will burn me under the sun…

Nope. This one is a common misconception, but our pegs don’t heat up. They stay the same temperature, even in Australian-summer-can’t-walk-on-the-sand-hot.


Are you sure your pegs are Marine Grade?

Yes, very sure. We use a lab to independently test them. And honestly, we were a bit surprised at the results of our competitors…


Your pegs will leave rust marks over my Tuxedo.

Ah, we thought of that. That’s why we used Marine Grade Stainless Steel, instead of grade 201 or 304 stainless steel. Marine Grade Stainless Steel doesn’t rust, leaving your formal-wear rust mark free.

How many stainless steel pegs do I need?

That really depends if you live in a Von-Trapp style family situation or you are a single person who wears the same shirt every day.

But whatever you need, we have available, Best Pegs come in pack sizes of 20, 40, 50 (mixed size), 60, 80 and 100 so we have you covered!

I’d like some good karma thanks…

Then buy Best Pegs. You’ll be getting a premium, quality product, knowing you’re not contributing to the microplastic problem, all while supporting our amazing friends at AUSMAP, who are working to map the microplastic problem in Australia.

Additional information


20, 40, 60


Length 58mm, 1.7mm wire thickness

20 reviews for 20, 40, 60 Pack Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Silver – Regular Size (58mm)

  1. Ross Swinton (verified owner)

    Excellent service and a top quality product. Best pegs i have come across.

  2. Mary-Kim Davidson (verified owner)

    Excellent product and rapid delivery. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

  3. Sally Bowes (verified owner)

    I’ve been thinking of buying these pegs for a long time… I shouldn’t have put it off. They are fantastic.

  4. Laura (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product. Amazing fast delivery and super easy to deal with. Definitely recommend getting yourself some of these fantastic pegs!

  5. Cheryl Moran (verified owner)

    Thrilled to bits with my pegs, I live by the beach and sick of the plastic pegs perishing ….
    I plan on sharing them with my daughter maybe they could be part of her inheritance??😆😆😆😆😆
    Easy to use fit my peg holder perfectly!!!!😍😍

  6. alison (verified owner)

    LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE my S.S. pegs! I live in a high-altitude, very windy country town, and I have finally found a peg that will keep my laundry on the line. I’ve bought both regular size and large size. The large are great for those heavier, thicker items. I’m sure I’ll peg-out before my clothes pegs do! 🙂

  7. Tania Payne (verified owner)

    Love my pegs. Top quality and great service. I will be getting more for my holiday home. Highly recommended.

  8. Joceline (verified owner)

    Great pegs…so glad I finally bought them. I am sure I will buy more soon.

  9. Rayleen Camp (verified owner)

    Great pegs. Quality top notch. Never buying plastic pegs again.

  10. Tracey (verified owner)

    Love these practical pegs so much I’m now gifting friends and family. Super fast delivery too!

  11. Caley (verified owner)

    All of my plastic pegs were starting to break so I bit the bullet and invested in some of these pegs. Great product and fast delivery. Thanks.

  12. Kathy (verified owner)

    Love my new 59mm pegs. I already own the larger size and although these are small they are of the highest quality and hold a reasonably heavy weight. The customer service I have received from Best Pegs is also above and beyond. I am a very happy customer!!!

  13. Christine (verified owner)

    Absolutely love them – everyone in my family is getting a set for Christmas. Super robust but gentle on your clothes!

  14. Robert gorman (verified owner)

    Exactly what we needed.Great product and really efficient service.Will certainly be purchasing more.

  15. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great quality product and better for the environment. Highly recommended

  16. Lachlan (verified owner)

    Finally got sick of plastic pegs breaking and wooden pegs falling apart so I ordered these and they are amazing to use

  17. Tanya Swift (verified owner)

    Best purchase ever! So tired of breaking pegs. Finally these pegs do the job! Well done! Love them & they r Australian too. Came in the post quickly.

  18. Adrienne (verified owner)

    Great pegs!

  19. Peter (verified owner)

    Good pegs, good gifts for friends with rubbish pegs or who can’t use wooden pegs without them falling apart, or for those moving into a new home. Postage using Australia Post was good first time around, but the second time – delayed to the point of starting the ‘where the heck are they’ process (and then they were fairly quickly delivered). Recommended (the pegs, not Aust. Post).

  20. Rachael (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, very durable and I love the little bag

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