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Mixed Size Rainbow Pegs Marine Grade Stainless Steel (50 or 100 pack)

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Availability: In stock

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Here at Best Pegs, we went on a quest to find the very best pegs. In fact, you could say we became a little obsessed. We wanted pegs that were strong and durable, but wouldn’t harm the environment. After searching high, and low, we found them…. the best ones.

Introducing Best Pegs Rainbow Pegs, available in mixed size packs of 50 or 100. Simply use the drop down menu to select your desired quantity.

The 50 pack includes 30 regular size pegs (59mm long) and 20 large size pegs (76mm long, the same size as standard plastic pegs) and the 100 pack includes 60 regular size pegs and 40 large size pegs.

This dynamic duo of peg sizes should cover you for all your pegging needs: the regular size pegs are fine for everyday items such as t-shirts, while the large pegs are suited to bulkier items such as blankets and towels since they can open a bit wider.

In short, Best Pegs rainbow pegs are:

  • Rust proof, weather proof, life proof and virtually indestructible. Big claim, right? But our pegs are made from one piece of durable Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel. We know they definitely are Grade 316, aka, the best quality, premium, steel, because we independently test our pegs in a lab. Yep, we’re sticklers for details.
  • Made to last. No more cheap plastic pegs, mysteriously disappearing, one, after the other. The sound of plastic crunching underfoot as you break another. The dog chewing through a whole bunch of wooden pegs. Nope, we believe you should buy them once, and be set for your washing life.
  • Easy to use. They open and close effortlessly and should be suitable for most arthritis sufferers.
  • Give you a happy glowy feeling, knowing you’re not adding more plastic pegs to landfill. Not only that, as a partner to AUSMAP, a citizen-science project mapping microplastics in Australian waterways, you know all the clams, dolphins and whales in the ocean are mentally high-fiving you.
  • Packed in a nifty reusable canvas bag, no plastic here!

Still not sold? Tough customer. Listen to one of our many adoring fans:

“Love them! Easy to use and the two sizes in the one bag is perfect. I thought I’d buy a pack of 50 to try them out, and I will definitely be buying some more. Good for the environment too – goodbye plastic pegs!” – Dianne

Caring for your Best Pegs. To keep your Best Pegs in absolute premium condition, we recommend a little wash in a bucket with dishwashing detergent and water, every now and then. Just to let them know you care. Read our care instructions here

Best Pegs stainless steel pegs are the only pegs independently tested for quality to ensure they’re genuine marine grade stainless steel. Below are some frequently asked questions about stainless steel pegs.

Are stainless steel pegs good?

We say yes! Plastic pegs often break apart, leading to microplastic pollution in our soil and waterways. Wooden pegs often break too, or they go mouldy and the spring gets rusty over time. Marine grade 316 stainless steel pegs offer durability and added corrosion resistance. They hold on in windy conditions yet they don’t leave marks on clothes.

Do stainless steel pegs rust?

The grade of the stainless steel is important. 201 and 304 grades of stainless steel does not offer the same corrosion resistance as 316 marine grade stainless steel so it’s worth paying a little more for marine grade stainless steel pegs. Marine grade stainless steel pegs can be left outside on the clothesline. Remember that no matter the grade, all stainless steel needs to be maintained so we recommend washing your pegs every few months to remove any dirt or salty air deposits.

Do stainless steel pegs get hot?

This is a common concern but rest assured that Best Pegs stainless steel pegs do not get hot, even if left outside on the hottest Australian summer day they are not hot to touch.

How many stainless steel pegs do I need?

This depends on the number of people in your household and your preferences when hanging out laundry, as some people share pegs between items. Best Pegs are available in pack sizes of 20, 40, 50 (mixed size), 60, 80 and 100 so we have you covered!

Want more info on our pegs? A kindred spirit: someone who cares about pegs as much as we do! FAQs below:


Why are stainless steel pegs the best option?

We believe pegs belong on washing lines, not in oceans or landfill. Plastic pegs can’t be recycled and leave behind microplastic pollution, which ends in our oceans, waterways and soil. Wooden pegs also aren’t a great option. They’re not durable, prone to mould, and it can be hard to tell if they have been sourced sustainably.

Best Pegs, use the very best quality in stainless steel, Marine Grade 316, which means they won’t break or rust. They’re durable, and won’t corrode.

Enter Best Pegs… designed to last, and last, and last, in Australian conditions, without harming the environment.

Your pegs will burn me under the sun…

Nope. This one is a common misconception, but our pegs don’t heat up. They stay the same temperature, even in Australian-summer-can’t-walk-on-the-sand-hot.


Are you sure your pegs are Marine Grade?

Yes, very sure. We use a lab to independently test them. And honestly, we were a bit surprised at the results of our competitors…


Your pegs will leave rust marks over my Tuxedo.

Ah, we thought of that. That’s why we used Marine Grade Stainless Steel, instead of grade 201 or 304 stainless steel. Marine Grade Stainless Steel doesn’t rust, leaving your formal-wear rust mark free.

How many stainless steel pegs do I need?

That really depends if you live in a Von-Trapp style family situation or you are a single person who wears the same shirt every day.

But whatever you need, we have available, Best Pegs come in pack sizes of 20, 40, 50 (mixed size), 60, 80 and 100 so we have you covered!

I’d like some good karma thanks…

Then buy Best Pegs. You’ll be getting a premium, quality product, knowing you’re not contributing to the microplastic problem, all while supporting our amazing friends at AUSMAP, who are working to map the microplastic problem in Australia.

Materials proven to last

Best Pegs are made from quality marine grade stainless steel, giving them superior corrosion resistance than 201 and 304 grades.

Two Sizes Available

Best Pegs mixed bags include 30 regular and 20 large sized pegs. Large size is 76mm long and 2mm thick and the regular size is 58mm long and 1.7mm thick.

Say no to plastic waste 

Plastic pegs that break apart are not only annoying, they contribute to a huge amount of plastic waste in our soil and waterways and they are not recyclable.


50, 100

Grade of stainless steel

Marine Grade 316


Regular 59mm, Long 76mm

12 reviews for Mixed Size Rainbow Pegs Marine Grade Stainless Steel (50 or 100 pack)

  1. Kate

    These pegs are amazing. Easy to use (not too stiff!) and so nice to have a product that won’t deteriorate in the sun.

  2. Jennifer Sandford

    Love my new pegs. I was a bit apprehensive about the price initially but after using them, worth every cent and I’ll be buying more for my family members!!

  3. Rosemary

    Very impressed with these sturdy pegs. Their longevity is a big bonus. I was constantly buying plastic pegs, so these are definitely enviro friendly. The larger size pegs are very useful to hang larger, weightier items.

  4. Cecilie Elliott

    Your pegs are the best. I am in a wheelchair and I was constantly crunching over plastic pegs, now, when I drop one they are easily picked up with a wire hook.

  5. Jon Caneva

    Always looking for the perfect peg, think I have found it.
    They hold all garments and towels perfectly on the line, love’m.

  6. June

    This is the third lot of pegs I have ordered. Good-bye to faded dirty brittle plastic pegs! We live near the ocean and have had no trouble with corrosion on these marine grade pegs after 1 year of use. Highly recommended

  7. Dianne

    Love them! Easy to use and the two sizes in the one bag is perfect. I thought I’d buy a pack of 50 to try them out, and I will definitely be buying some more. Good for the environment too – goodbye plastic pegs!

  8. Rizwan

    These pegs are awesome. It may sound silly but it’s actually made me enjoy putting stuff on the line. They glide on the line and aren’t as fiddly as the wooden and plastic ones. I used to be lazy and only put one peg per item, even though it might need two. With these, I don’t even hesitate. Maybe, I’m just weird! Haha! But they just look so damn cool with the colours.

    Practically this pack is super handy with those two sizes. The bigger ones are great for bulkier items. 100% recommend these to anyone. And you know what let’s help the environment and never buy shitty pegs again!

  9. Meredith

    Love this review, thanks so much!

  10. Troy

    They really are a step above any plastic pegs I’ve ever previously bought. They don’t get hot in the heat, and the rainbow ones look sick as. 10/10 would recommend!

  11. Kairen

    Have had my set for years with no deterioration or breakage. Am now enjoying buying the rainbow packs for the next generation. Great long lasting presents so they never have to use plastic rubbish (and flat mates don’t nick them as they are distinctive)! Great product. Great service. Highly recommended.

  12. Adam

    Awesome pegs, they look great, they work great and they don’t rust and fall apart if left outside.

  13. Michelle

    Love these pegs! They are so much better than the plastic ones that fall apart and break over time. I get compliments from visitors on these pegs. The small pegs are greater for undies, socks etc and the large pegs are great for bedding and towels. I cannot recommend these highly enough.

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