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Strucket Mini White Base



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Got something to soak? You need the Strucket mini!

This strainer bucket is an Australian invention and a laundry game-changer. Use it to soak underwear; cloth nappies; socks; swimwear… you’ll find so many uses for it!

The Strucket includes a strainer insert that you can lift and sit on the side of the base, allowing water to drain. The base of the Strucket features a plug that you can pull out to drain the dirty water, so you don’t have to touch any mess!

  • Made in Australia
  • Available in four colours (grey, sand, aqua, pink)
  • Includes lid
  • Avoid touching soiled water (touch less mess!)
  • 4.5L capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable
  • Check out our interview with founder Kelly Lavery for more about how the Strucket came to be.

The Strucket is for anyone with something to soak. Below are some frequently asked questions about this amazing Australian invention!

What is the Strucket used for?

The Strucket has so many uses, such as soaking cloth nappies; underwear and socks; face masks; swimwear; activewear… the list goes on!

How many litres is the Strucket?

The capacity of the Strucket mini is 4.5 litres. Perfect for soaking smaller items such as underwear.

Does the Strucket have a lid?

Yes! The Strucket mini includes a lid to cover up anything while it’s soaking.

Can I put the Strucket in the dishwasher?

The Strucket is dishwasher safe. Remember to leave it unplugged so the drainage area can be cleaned.


  1. Simply throw in your dirty items (tip: pre-treat the stain with our stain remover sticks), fill with water and leave to soak.
  2. When ready to wash, lift the strainer insert, it will lock onto the sides of the bucket, allowing the water to drain to the base of the Strucket.
  3. Pull out the plug to let the dirty water drain into your laundry sink.
  4. Hang out your washing using a Best Pegs sock hanger or stainless steel pegs

grey, sand, aqua, pink

Made in



Length: 27.7cm ; Width: 18.4cm ; Height: 18.7cm


4.5 L


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