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This is a common concern but we can assure you that Best Pegs stainless steel pegs do not get hot, even on the hottest summer days. We are based in Queensland and in summer, temperatures can exceed 35 degrees celsius but never have Best Pegs been hot to touch, even when left out on the clothesline all day.

Best Pegs are made with marine grade 316 stainless steel which offers superior corrosion resistance than 201 and 304 grades. We pay for independent testing of our pegs on a regular basis to confirm they are indeed made of 316 stainless steel. While 316 stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant, it is not corrosion proof, especially when used in tropical climates around salt water. This is why we recommend washing your pegs every 3-6 months with a soft cloth, some water and a mild cleaner (eg dish detergent) to keep them in top condition. We live one street away from the beach and leave our pegs out on the line and they have not rusted. To compare, a 201 grade peg has rusted after being out in the same conditions.

Clothes peg options include plastic, wooden and stainless steel. Plastic pegs are prone to breaking and contribute to plastic pollution in our soil and waterways. Wooden pegs can also break by sliding off their spring and they are known to go mouldy which leaves marks on clothing. Stainless steel pegs offer longevity as they do not need to be replaced, they are strong in windy conditions and do not hot heat up in the sun. They are perfectly suited to Australia’s harsh climate. Yes, they cost more but in the long run it will work out cheaper because they won’t need to be replaced.

Best Pegs is a Gold Coast based business and our pegs are made in China with a specialised machine. We have a great relationship with our supplier and with worked with them from the beginning. 

broken plastic peg and stainless steel peg on a towel
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