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Strucket now available at Best Pegs!

Exciting news… Best Pegs now stocks the innovative Strucket mini! I am in love with this Australian made invention and was so excited to interview its creator, Kelly Lavery. The Strucket is such a handy item to have around the home, especially in the laundry for soaking and handwashing, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

Explain Strucket in a sentence: 

World First Strainer + Bucket + Connection + Plug

How did the Strucket come to be? 

I had my third child and was constantly dealing with buckets of soaking mess in the laundry, I dreamt of a strainer bucket.  I searched everywhere and soon realised it didn’t exist.  I needed one every day and so set out to make it a reality.

strucket mini inside look 4.5l
Strainer meets bucket, with a handy drainage plug

How was the journey from the idea to the launch?

Strucket is the culmination of three years of research, design, prototype, tooling, testing, grant applications, sourcing funding, sleepless nights…. White wine, champagne, lots of it.  There were endless hurdles but through persistence Strucket it here todayl.

What was your background before Strucket, did you have much experience in business or were you completely new to it all? 

My back ground is sales and advertising.  I had also gained business experience working with my husband on his clinic.  I have also created a start up before in 2007 which wasn’t successful and used many of my learnings from failure with Strucket.

What types of Struckets are there and what are their uses?  

We have the 19L – the original which was developed in the laundry around baby.  Perfect for all types of soaking or hand washing and an excellent dry pail for cloth nappies.  Our second size is the Strucket Mini which is 4.5 litres and here from customer demand; brilliant in the kitchen for fruits and veg cleaning and storing. Also excellent in the laundry for smalls and women’s personal hygiene items.  There are over 100 uses for Strucket around the home and camping, it’s so versatile and excellent for recycling water.

Also… keep an eye out for our new product releasing in September!

grey strucket mini laundry bucket
The Strucket has so many uses, such as soaking reusable pads

What is the most surprising/unusual way you’ve seen the Strucket be used? 

To help broody chooks lay!!! A lot of animals have been in Strucket….the shape is ideal.

The Strucket mini can be used to soak items in the laundry, do you have any stain removal tips to share?  

A little bit of science and understanding what the stain consists of – oil, protein etc.  Then you can tackle it accordingly.  The best advice is to determine and treat the stain as soon as possible to avoid it setting in (Best Pegs recommends our stain remover sticks for this!)  The funniest stain removal I saw recently was shaving cream for foundation stains!

strucket mini tan bucket
Easily wash your reusable wipes with Strucket!

What’s a typical day like for you at Strucket HQ? 

Busy…hahaha!  After a manic morning getting my 3 kids to 2 different schools I race into the warehouse.  Straight up to my office with a coffee and head down.  I can do anything from marketing, product development, accounts, organising trade shows and tv appearances.  There is never a dull moment.

What achievements are you most proud of with Strucket? 

That we achieved bringing an Aussie Made, high quality, innovative product to market, that exceeds our customer’s expectations. My goal was to sell 10, 000 units in 2 years.  We are coming up to our 4th birthday in December and we have sold over 200,000.

What’s coming up for Strucket?  

We are launching three new products from September through to November, that’s exciting and we have more in the pipeline.

How can we find out more? 

Follow along on our socials and connect with us.  Say hello and feel free to ask questions or suggest new product!  We love interacting with our Strucket Family. 





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