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three hidden sea wine bottles in the sand on the ocean shoreline

The Hidden Sea Wine Company: Combating Plastic Pollution through the ReSea Project

Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time, with devastating effects on marine ecosystems. However, in the face of this global crisis, some companies are stepping up to make a difference. One such organization is the Hidden Sea Wine Company, a leading winery with a noble commitment to fighting plastic pollution. Through their partnership with the ReSea Project, they are making significant strides in cleaning up our oceans and creating a sustainable future.

The Hidden Sea Wine Company is an Australian-based winery that not only produces exceptional wines but also embraces a deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship. Established in 2017, the company embodies the idea that businesses can make a positive impact by prioritizing sustainability and giving back to the planet. 

Their wines are sourced from premium vineyards in South Australia, renowned for their exceptional quality and distinct flavors. However, what truly sets the Hidden Sea Wine Company apart is their dedication to combatting plastic pollution and restoring the health of our oceans: for every bottle of wine sold they remove and recycle 10 plastic bottles out of the ocean.

resea images of workers cleaning up ocean plastics
ReSea Project workers removing plastic rubbish from the water

In their pursuit of addressing plastic pollution, the Hidden Sea Wine Company has forged a groundbreaking partnership with the ReSea Project. The ReSea Project is a non-profit organization that focuses on removing plastic waste from the ocean and coastal areas, working with local communities and businesses to create a sustainable impact.

The collaboration between the Hidden Sea Wine Company and the ReSea Project is based on a simple yet powerful idea: for every bottle of wine sold, the company commits to removing one kilogram of plastic waste from the ocean. This approach creates a tangible link between the purchase of their wines and the direct reduction of plastic pollution.

Through this innovative partnership, the Hidden Sea Wine Company has made a remarkable impact in the fight against plastic pollution. By funding the removal of plastic waste, they have been able to eliminate vast amounts of debris that would otherwise harm marine life and damage fragile ecosystems.

The ReSea Project works closely with local communities in Indonesia and the Philippines, empowering them to collect plastic waste and prevent it from entering the ocean. The project ensures fair wages for the workers involved and provides education and infrastructure to support long-term sustainability.

This collaborative effort has not only helped in cleaning up the ocean but has also provided economic opportunities for local communities. By involving and engaging the people living in these areas, the Hidden Sea Wine Company and the ReSea Project are creating a virtuous cycle of environmental restoration and socio-economic development.

hidden sea wine bottles lined up in front of the ocean

The Hidden Sea Wine Company’s commitment to cleaning up plastic pollution through its partnership with the ReSea Project serves as an inspiring example for businesses and individuals alike. It demonstrates that with innovative thinking and purposeful action, companies can make a significant positive impact on the environment and society.

Consumers can also play a crucial role in supporting such initiatives. By choosing to purchase products from companies like the Hidden Sea Wine Company, individuals can contribute directly to the removal of plastic waste from our oceans, demonstrating that consumer choices can drive meaningful change.


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