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Trucking Oz – a family on the road

Trucking Oz are WA couple Lindsey and Ori and their two cute kids who are currently travelling around Australia in their custom built camper. Their Instagram page @trucking.oz shows incredible pics of them enjoying the wild beauty of Australia. I love their adventurous spirit and ‘leave no trace’ attitude to camping and was keen to learn more about them.

What prompted you to start this adventure?
We have always wanted to travel Australia, we didn’t want to tow a caravan so we could get into some really remote places and with two young kids this set up just worked for us. 

Explain your camper set up
It’s an off road Mitsubishi Canter 4×4 truck with a custom built lift off camper on the back. 

trucking oz camper
The versatile camper can detach from the truck

Where have you been so far?
We set off from Perth and went North through Karijini to Broome and Dampier Peninsula and then came back down the WA coast and through South Australia, including Kangaroo Island, then through central NT to Darwin.  

What have been the highlights?
Too many to list! A few are: Spending every day together while being present (not thinking about work etc) and Experiencing new things and places together.  

How is it travelling with little ones?
It’s great travelling with the kids so young as we don’t have to worry about schooling while on the road yet. The main challenges we have are giving them down time. We have to make sure they have time to relax and are not on the go all the time. 

The kids enjoy plenty of time outdoors

What eco friendly/sustainable habits have you formed while on the road?
Since being on the road and living in a tiny space we are a lot more aware of being eco friendly and sustainable. We try and have multiple uses for everything and pack lightly as every kilo counts We try to avoid single use plastics and have a lot of reusable items – especially for the kids snacks, such as our reusable sandwich and snack bags. 

We try to only buy essential items when on the road and try and support small businesses (buy less but better) as much as possible as well as purchasing items from second hand shops. 
Most of all, we always try to leave no trace. 

How do you do laundry on the road, any tips?
We have a 2.5kg washing machine in the camper and always air dry on the line under our awning. My tip is to do a wash every few days to keep on top of it and try to stay in warmer climates as there isn’t as much washing. We have been using your stainless steel pegs and sock hanger while on the road, they’ve been great!

Best Pegs stainless steel pegs and sock hanger in use

Where can we keep up with your adventures?
facebook: @truckingoz87 
Instagram:  @trucking.oz 


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