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Stainless Steel Sock Hanger – Marine Grade 316 (24 Pegs)

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Marine Grade 316 sock hangers are now in stock!!

Here at Best Pegs, we ponder the BIG mysteries of life. Like where do stray socks disappear to? We’re still working that one out, but in the meantime, we have an environmentally friendly solution… Introducing our Stainless Steel Sock Hanger:

  • Made of 316 marine grade stainless steel (including the hook, frame and chains as well as the pegs), it’s strong and sturdy and won’t blow off the line. We’ve made it with the tough stuff, so you can be confident it’s not going to rust or break while drying all the goods.
  • Frame size is 30cm x 37cm, not too big, not too small
  • The holder is complete with 24 marine grade stainless steel pegs (Not too small, not too large, just right). Which means you can easily clip-on 24 items. Whether it be itty bitty baby clothes, socks, or undies, to make the most of your space. The holder is also perfect for camping trips and taking on the road.
  • If the Bureau of Metrology gets the forecast catastrophically wrong, easily and quickly remove the holder from the line. You can pop the holder up anywhere inside to keep drying.
  • Shipped Free Australia-wide in a recyclable cardboard box.
  • But best of all, it’s plastic free. Purchase a Best Pegs hanger, and you can feel good, knowing there’s no stray plastic pegs in the ocean thanks to you. Heartily approved by your local dolphin, stingray and fish population
  • Not only are they better for the environment, we support AUSMAP, surveying our oceans for microplastic, to make analyse and track the microplastic problem.

Best Pegs Stainless steel sock hanger:

  • Includes 24 pegs
  • Made from 316 stainless steel  – all of it!
  • Independently tested to confirm grade of stainless steel
  • Frame size 30cm x 37cm
  • Includes canvas storage bag
  • Perfect for hanging socks, underwear, cloth nappies and other small items
  • Helps to stop socks getting lost!
  • Includes clip to fasten pegs hanger to clothesline
  • Quickly & easily bring in items when rain threatens!
  • Plastic free
  • Saves space on your clothesline, giving you more drying space for other items
Grade of Stainless Steel

316 Marine Grade

Made In



Frame size 30cm x 37cm, 24 pegs

16 reviews for Stainless Steel Sock Hanger – Marine Grade 316 (24 Pegs)

  1. Hayley

    Love this product so much, I brought three! Great price, great size and great quality.

  2. Amanda Pollard

    Love it …am buying two more !!!!

  3. Daniela Bachmaier

    I saw the Sock Hanger on the Facebook page from The Very Good Bra, being used for bras and undies, and I thought WOW, how practical, so now I own 2 of these lovely hangers😊
    Great quality, so handy AND looking beautifully, what more can I say, I love my hangers❤
    (And I think I will buy another one😃)

  4. Chris

    Great hanger.
    Does the task easy and with the lock on the top hook the wind doesn’t blow it down.
    Would be 5 star if it came in 316 stainless. Or even just the pegs 316 to save any marks to clothes. Live on the ocean so thought would give it a go anyway.
    Will by again if upgraded in the future.

  5. Betty Clarke

    So happy with my purchase. So tired of my plastic pegs breaking. Great product!

  6. Joceline

    Fantastic product (especially for a coastal location). It feels nice & sturdy. The litttle clip to stop it falling off the line is a great idea.

  7. Bec Symes

    Best product on the market. Being able to take it away camping is just a bonus. Quick postage and great communication with Meredith such a beautiful person xx

  8. Tara

    Loving the S/S sock hanger- I mostly use it for knickers, socks and jocks. I particularly like the shape of this one compared to others on the market as it allows for good spacing and airing between items. Pegs are strong and durable and it has a handy little hook function up the top which helps “anchor” it from falling off the line. If the rain starts you can just unclip it and take the whole thing inside which is super handy as well. Maintenance looks super easy with a sudsy soap wash and rinse every now and again. Makes life easy and is worth the money as this thing should outlive me. Also purchased the big pegs in marine grade S/S- these are great for hubbies heavy work pants, towels and the like.

  9. Wanda Gray

    Recently purchased this hanger , impressed with the quality of this hanger & the great service form best pegs !

  10. Sandy

    Great product great service

    • Meredith

      thanks so much for your review!

  11. Meredith

    thanks so much for your review!

  12. S

    Sturdy and strong, but the legs are still easy to open and close and smoother on your clothes.
    Will likely get more.

  13. Pat

    Great quality, you’ve thought of everything, from marine grade stainless steel to the clip on the hanger to stop it blowing off the clothesline. And no sharp metal ends. The storage bag was a bonus that I use between washes (2-person household with a large washing machine, and I often wash every 7 – 14 days). Perfect for storing in the laundry basket without getting the two hangers tangled. It would be ideal if the bag was just a bit bigger, because it can be time-consuming tucking all the pegs in.

  14. Robyn

    Gave my recent purchase to my daughter, so will be purchasing a second hanger for myself…excellent for all those ‘little’ socks, can peg them all in comfort (not having to reach the line with every item). The best about this is the design – air can circulate through the hanger, as well as, a fast retrieve when sudden shower of rain threatens to dampen what is already, or almost dry. Great for hanging bras and knickers in the shower, or elsewhere inside. The plastic ones deteriorate too quickly – the hook on my last one snapped off within a month…

  15. Ross Swinton

    Always excellent service and the products are top Shelf.

  16. Anonymous

    Bought one of these about a year ago and I’m so stoked with the design, the absolute lack of any sign of wear or tear or rust or dirt, and how much quicker and easier it makes hanging smalls. It’s a real boon to a sharehouse with a shortage of pegs, line space and sunny days.

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